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Painting has given voice to the moments or places that capture something inside me.

I am naturally prone to being in the moment. Whether in my studio, or the corner of a meadow working quickly, laying down color on a canvas, or scouting a country road to find that place and time when the light brings to life a field or house. Sometimes the sun streaming through a window stops me in my tracks while walking through a room. It’s in those moments that something stirs in me that just may spark the next painting.

Largely self-taught, much of my growth as a painter comes from putting in nearly daily time at the easel. Harder to quantify are years of observing life – the turn of a creek though a field, standing at the edge of a marsh scanning the horizon for a flight of swans, or walking through the woods pushing leaves aside to uncover wildflowers. I seem to be hard-wired to ‘live in the present’ with an overwhelming urge to not miss those fleeting gifts in the busyness of life. I find inspiration from workshops, books, magazines, podcasts, and videos. What a great time to be a painter – such an endless array of resources!

Regular trips to the coast of Maine inspire much of what I love to paint. Between the ocean, the coast, the villages, and the galleries – it has a deep hold on me. I paint in the valley of the Cuyahoga National Park with a plein air group, the Saturday Painters; am a member of Ohio Plein Air Society; Oil Painters of America; and American Impressionist Society.

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