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I was born in Los Angeles in 1968, relocating to the east coast in my first year.  My parents opted to come along, which was probably a good thing in retrospect.  Throughout my life, I’ve been engaged in visual arts of one kind or another – from drawing to design to photography.  But when I discovered oil painting, I realized I had found my medium.  What other art form is so luxurious, versatile, and expressive?

I would characterize my paintings as having a representational style, a dose of impressionism, with a slightly contemporary edge.  Not necessarily by design, but because that’s just how they seem to come out – a product of my personality, I suppose, in some semi-mysterious way.

I have no fancy metaphysical philosophies with which to describe my artwork, no poetic and flowery words.  I’m reluctant to talk about my paintings at all, as I hope that they speak for themselves.  The beauty of the land, and trains, are two things that really move me – so this comprises the majority of my subject matter.

My father was the late Don Ball, Jr., a renowned railroad photographer and author of numerous best-selling books on trains.  Throughout my childhood, I was immersed in both railroads and art of all kinds (I was blessed).  These days, my love of trains persists, and I enjoy painting and photographing current railroads throughout the US.  In addition, much of my railroad reference materials are selected from my dad’s extensive work.

My birth in the west and subsequent relocation to the east set the stage for a continuing east/west crisis of geography.  In particular, I love both the Southwest and New England – especially for the richness they offer me as an oil painter.  Much of my time is spent devising a way to eliminate the Midwest, thus making the traveling distance between the two regions that much shorter.  (No success with that as of yet.)

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