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Artist’s Statement

at-mos-phere noun / ‘atmes, fi(e)r/ a special mood or character associated with a place.

Collectors, fellow artists and friends often comment on my work as having distinct engaging “atmosphere.” I am very appreciative of this recurring compliment. It is the air surrounding the landscape that I hope to depict in my paintings. The air is an unseen filter that guides how we visualize the “things” in front of us. In coastal New England, the atmosphere is always changing, therefore I am fortunate to live and paint in such a visually engaging area.

Chasing the available light and air in our surroundings is what drives me to paint. I hope to achieve atmospheric effects with an impressionistic style, tempered by a touch of realism and draftsmanship. Painting large and small, indoors and out, I find that a multifaceted approach to studying and practicing allows me to achieve a unique quality in my work.


Jonathan graduated from Connecticut College in 1993 with a Cum Laude Distinction in Fine Art. He currently resides in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, where his artwork has evolved into a celebration of coastal New England. Working equally in the studio and on location, his work includes beaches, vessels, and architecture of our coastal marine environment.

Recent accomplishments include juried acceptance into the American Society of Marine Artists 15th National Exhibition, an 18-month exhibit traveling to eight museums through 2013. In addition, Jonathan’s seascapes have recently shown in juried and invitational events across the country, including: Carmel, CA, Jackson Hole, WY, Scottsdale, AZ, San Antonio, TX, and Charlestown, SC.

Awards and exhibitions span McPhillips’ career. Of note would be his 2004 First Place “Best of Fleet” Award at the New York Yacht Club in Newport, Rhode Island for “Courageous Convictions”, his 12-meter yacht replica. Jonathan is also honored to have been invited by the U.S. Department of State to participate in the “Art in Embassies” program, which expanded his work to an international audience.

Jonathan has recently discovered the joy and personal fulfillment that teaching brings to an artist’s life. He periodically arranges workshops and courses in oil painting. His artistic journey can easily be followed through social media and e-newsletters, as well as his blog and website. Video samples of selected works in progress are also available, and have been especially popular among his collectors and fans.

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