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Philip Wallace Jostrom is an oil painter from Narrowsburg, NY. He began teaching himself to paint in 2009. Up to that point, he had worked in the New York City film industry as a set decorator and assistant art director on such features as “The Godfather, Part II,” “Marathon Man,” “An Unmarried Woman,” and “The Wiz,” among others. In the 1980’s he worked as an associate casting director on commercials, Broadway shows, and feature films including “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” and “Last Exit to Brooklyn.” He also taught film acting at The New School in NYC for ten years and created a theater company.

His life radically changed in 2009 when he first started to paint. He began with still life paintings using early Dutch techniques and found great pleasure in painting detail. In 2011 he started painting pet portraits and has done more than one hundred pet commissions. He had his first show at The River Gallery in Narrowsburg , New York in 2011. He also paints architectural, rural scenes, and farm animals. In 2016, a friend suggested that he try his hand at nautical painting, and since then has found great pleasure and excitement in painting yachts in full sail. He is not a sailor himself, but his family has been for generations. His great-grandfather, Isaiah Wallace, was captain of The Horton, a clipper ship out of Halifax in the 1880’s. His grandfather was a seaman in WWI and his brother was an officer in the US Navy. As many do, Jostrom finds a thrill in the light and shadow of a full, billowing sail.

Artist’s Statement

I love to paint. I came to painting later in life and perhaps for that reason I feel a strong urge to paint all the things I love, be it weathered boards on an old barn, fresh peaches in a silver bowl, a happy dog, or a shadows on a billowing sail. The process starts with a subject that intrigues me. I then reconfigure it to create a better composition, perhaps changing the colors and the light and shadows, until it is a re-imagined reality.

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