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Why do you paint on copper? This is the question Renee Lammers is most frequently asked. Lammers was inspired to paint with oils on copper after a visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Art. She saw an oil on copper painting by Frans Snyder. She was first attracted to the luminous surface of the painting. Then she was impressed with the flawless surface. Later after reading a book by the Phoenix Museum called Copper as a Canvas, Lammers discovered copper is the most archival surface! Copper has the same thermal coefficient of expansion as the oil paint. When temperatures fluctuate, the copper and the oil paint expand and contract together. Copper paintings do not crack. Humidity does not affect copper. Mold and mildew will not grow on copper.

Lammers started painting at the age of 4. She sold her first oil painting at age 10 for $50. She continued to sell paintings at outdoor shows at 16. Lammers studied fine art at Stetson University, in Deland, Florida. She graduated with her pre-med degree in Biology from Stetson University in 2004. Lammers preferred to paint instead of attending medical school. Renee Lammers’ office is usually in a garden or by the sea.

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