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Tom Glover is a seemingly lackadaisical ne’er-do-well, but really is an artist teeming with ideas. He was class clown at Keen High School where he grew up many moons ago. His first painting sold for ten dollars when he was fourteen. It was of a horse. It was to a girl he thought was cute. He is shameless.

He is also a shameless thief. His prowess as a young comedian in high-school was mostly drawn from Monty Python sketches, Laugh-In and Peter Sellers. He steals from other artists which he justifies by citing various quips from Picasso. He teaches art/painting and often incites his students to steal from other artists.

Glover studies religion and is troubled by those who concretize their gods. He likes saying the word concretize. He learned words like concretize in college where he actually earned a legitimate B.F.A. degree. He studied with John Laurent, John Hatch, Sigmund Abeles among others, at the University in Durham, New Hampshire.

He likes to sit on his front porch early in the morning watching the birds and sipping his cappuccino, which technically is a “flat white” because he doesn’t know how to make cappuccino even though he has been to Italy a few times. In Italy, he studied important painters such as Caravaggio, Piero Della Francesca, Botticelli, Da Vinci, to drop a few names. In Amsterdam, he studied Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, Vermeer – all artist he could steal from.

When in college, Glover knocked on the front door of Kurt Vonnegut’s brownstone in hopes of taking the writer to lunch. It was a supreme act of hubris. He like reading Hemingway, but never took him out to lunch either. He reads Joseph Campbell, Huston Smith, Joyce, Jung and many other philosophers – none of which he has taken to lunch. Glover also watches birds with great interest and is a certified weed diver.

He has painting in museum and collections. He has had two paintings stolen. He like people who buy his paintings, although once a Yankee fan bought a big Fenway Park painting… He likes her to!

After studying with John Laurent, John Hatch, Sigmund Abeles, and Conley Harris at the University of New Hampshire, Glover continued critiques with Laurent for a couple of decades. He followed Laurent’s advice to go see, “in the flesh”, the Great Masters. Tom’s older brother is an airline pilot, so he caught, from time to time, flights with his brother to Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, and Madrid. He did artists retreats, found galleries to show in, and painting and painted and painted.

One of his first retreats was on White Island of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. He was one of the last artists to spend a week on the island, which at low tide adjoins Seavey Island. It had no phone, no electricity, no bathroom, no potable water. The old Coast Guard station building was described to him as, “a wooden tent”. The gulls had broken into every room except one, which was an upstairs bedroom. But it afforded time to look, draw, paint, write, think, all uninterrupted.

In 2000, Glover was one of eleven artists asked to Artsweek Retreat on Great Spruce Head Island, owned by the family of Fairfield Porter. Glover was able to use Fairfield’s easel and had free range to explore the entire island as well as access to kayaks and rowboats to explore the island from the water and surrounding islands.

Block Island is another place of interest to Glover and he has explored it on several occasions. It became a sort of fortunate formula for Glover to visit a place, explore it, do a series of paintings based on his explorations, and then to have a show at one of his galleries. Sales from the shows allowed him to venture off to other places. Pieced together with his ability to fly for very little almost anywhere, and the generosity of friends and collectors, he was able to visit Italy several times – the Cinque Terre, Ascoli Piceno, Siena, Todi Montelpuciano, Cortona, and many other towns in Tuscany, Marche and surrounding regions. He has also traveled to England, Ireland, Costa Rica, New Mexico, Arizona, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Glover also has taught at the University of New Hampshire and teaches presently at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. He has been an Artist in Residence on Appledore Island for the Shoals Marine Laboratory. He is a certified Weed Scuba Diver in the state of New Hampshire. He is also an oil painting restorer and works as picture framer and art restorer at Riverstones Custom Framing in Rochester, NH.

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