Past Show

“A Harvest of Color: New Works by Ann Trainor Domingue”

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to present a new body of work by Ann Trainor Domingue, as our first off-season show in our Bayview Street alcove gallery. Always a fearless innovator, Trainor Domingue has pushed her recent work into new textural territory. By incorporating acrylic-saturated fabric scraps into her exquisitely pigmented canvases, she has enlivened the compositions. There is now a heightened tension between the flat picture plane and the deeper space of the figurative imagery.

Once a high-powered graphic designer in the world of advertising, Ann departed the corporate bubble for the freedom of an artistic life not directed by clients, budget, and efficiency. Now able to pursue her own personal iconic imagery, Trainor Domingue has elevated her common subject matter to an otherworldly status. The viewer now becomes an active participant in this shared experience of transcending the mundane.

Ann describes her working process: “The foundation is laid but the details are to be determined once the painting process begins. I create art that is grounded in reality while obviously playing with it – reshaping forms and reinterpreting color. Lines sometimes do the heavy lifting, and at other times it’s color that does the heavy lifting.”

In “At the End of the Day,” Ann’s new way of working with fabric comes to the fore. Vertical rhythms march across an idealized dockside scene at sunset. The artist even uses the threads unraveling to suggest rope on a tied dory that she has cut, shaped, and painted. Through subtle overlays of glaze, the delicate twilight shades emerge. The fabric piers and accented roof-lines give the piece an ordered geometric character.

A larger work, “Morning has Broken,” explodes like an appliqued Roman candle. Patterns printed on the fabric interact with thick, exuberant brushwork. Thinner veils of color overlay the fabric, blending it into the lakeside landscape. Rectangular cloth accents fall through the frontal space, teasing our perspective. Trainor Domingue writes, “Initially I used small torn pieces [of fabric] as a way to add my signature to my coarse textured acrylic paintings… then things went from there and I started using the scrap pieces as color strokes in my work.” She adds, “I am pushed to select colors that will work with the scrap selected initially by someone else. I like this idea of recycling, re-purposing, and rethinking, and how they have contributed to this new series.”

“A Harvest of Color” will be on view in the Bayview Street alcove through mid-November, while “Four Seasons With Stefan” is on display in the main gallery. Camden Falls Gallery is open daily, from10am-5pm Monday-Saturday, and 11am-5pm Sunday. For more information, contact us at or call 207-470-7027.