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Youth and passion, maturity and depth – these paired qualities compliment each other in the work of our featured Camden Falls Gallery artists this month. The second show in our “Art by Alphabet” series features original artwork by Daniel Corey and Guy Corriero. Although their work differs considerably, both of these talented and award-winning artists have drawn inspiration from the unique and dramatic geography of Monhegan Island.

We are delighted to share Corey’s carefully considered coastal scenes and Corriero’s masterfully rendered seascapes. The gallery is located at 5 Public Landing in Camden, overlooking the harbor, and is open daily from 10am-8pm. This exhibition will run from July 21 through August 2.

Dan Corey

In 2009, Corey was awarded the prestigious Monhegan Artist’s Residency, allowing him more than a month on the island to work undisturbed, surrounded by the visual poetry of sea, structure, and light. About his residency experience, Corey wrote, “Being familiar with the rich art history of the island and the part some of my personal painting heroes have had in it made this residency very special to me.” Indeed the work produced during that time took Dan’s mastery of plein air techniques to a new level. Bathed in the intense sun and rarefied island atmosphere, the paintings assume a potent particularity of place and season. Corey takes a traditional, direct painting style and applies it to subject matter often overlooked, yet quintessentially Maine. His relative youth lends a vigor and strength to his brushwork and a commitment to every inch of his superb compositions.

In his more recent work, Corey has been “extending the boundaries” of his painting style by simplifying some of the more technical, detailed areas of his compositions and experimenting with color harmonies that are not always observed in nature. About this exploration, Corey said, “Details are always clouding my unsuccessful pieces. I [found] that simplifying the masses yielded results that… let the painting breathe and come to life. I still find influence in nature and its colors, but sometimes beautiful color harmonies are found by just mixing paint and having a “color idea,” [which serves as] a springboard to look for more out of my work, and not accept green grass and blue skies all the time. I have hit a point where I am asking questions of my work that can only be answered by me. The part I’m enjoying most is seeing the paintings when they are done and seeing all the answers next to each other.”

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Guy Corriero

Corriero has been teaching and painting en plein air on Monhegan Island every summer for nearly 40 years. His love of Monhegan Island began in a very different way. As a young man growing up in Long Island and New York City, he viewed a marine painting by Fredrick Waugh (1861-1940) and was profoundly affected. When he later discovered that the image which so intrigued him had been created on Monhegan Island, he made a solo trip north to experience this small Maine outcropping of sea-pummeled rock for himself. This journey was the beginning of Corriero’s lifelong love affair with Monhegan.

Equally facile in watercolors and oils, Corriero paints both indoors and out. “Painting directly from nature lends itself to a more intimate infusion of the subject into the final painting. Despite the inconvenience, and sometimes tortuous conditions of wind, rain, bugs and extreme weather conditions, something inexplicable gets into the painting that seldom appears in a studio piece,” says Corriero. “Having painted on Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine, for thirty-nine straight summers I’ve studied the sea so intently that I find I can do them in my studio from memory. When I am painting outdoors I rarely change the composition or colors and pretty much paint what I see.” A signature member of the American Watercolor Society who was featured in Amercian Artist’s Watercolor magazine (Winter 2011), Corriero has worked professionally as an illustrator, commercial artist, and university professor. He has also taught numerous painting workshops and produced a series of art instructional videos.

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