Past Show

We invite you to our first show in our “Art by Alphabet” series, the Sch… Schow. Featuring house artists Judith Schuppien, John Schmidtberger and Nadine Schoepfle. The bold, expressive styles of these three painters explore a variety of contemporary and impressionist styles. Each artist has their own direct approach to their applications of rich, luminous colors that capture Maine through its coastal from its quiet calms to its raw edginess.

This show will run July 1st through July 18th, visit us any day 10am-7pm.

Each of our featured artists are drawn to the subjects of their paintings by an emotional connection and are interested in the experience of the scene.

John Schmidtberger
John searches for places, people, and situations that he finds compelling, spending a great deal of time just looking. When he finally finds what he is looking for, he feels it like a physical sensation–an ‘a-ha!’ experience. Then he paints or draws the subject as quickly and directly as possible, in order to describe the experience. He is not interested in the details. Instead, he asks “What is the gesture? What is the rhythm? What is the light doing? What is the mood? What is the essence of this painting?”

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Nadine Schoepfle
Nadine uses a very direct approach to apply the rich luminous colors that are her trademark as an artist.

“I feel that painting is really about paint and the many different ways to apply it to the support that the artist chooses. Each foray into the world of color and medium is a new adventure–and always exciting. I try to stretch my abilities and reach out to my work. If I am ever asked which is my favorite of all paintings I have done, my answer is ‘The Next One.”

“My technical approach to painting is not guided by always or never, but by the needs of the subject and my emotional response to it. Every experience I have had has served as a catalyst to my creative endeavors.”

With oils as her medium, Nadine transforms those images into glowing paintings that present artistic experience for the viewer.

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Judith Schuppien
Judith paints mainly in oils, but has also worked in pastels. Her loose, expressive style, often bold and colorful, presents familiar subjects in a fresh and interesting way. In her travels, she keeps an eye out for the occasional odd juxtaposition, an unusual point of view, and always, an emotional connection. Recently, much of Judith’s work is focused on the working harbors of the Maine Coast, and the time-worn downtown’s that follow Maine’s rivers.

After growing up along coastal Maine, in a lobster and fishing family, Judith draws inspiration from images reminiscent of her childhood. Working both as a “plein air” and studio artist.

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