Past Show

That was the first verse of John Lincoln Wright’s “Closed for Alterations”.  In traditional country song format the song gets sadder from there. Women leaving, dog dying, no more money to buy a Balentine Ale Light, etc.

But for us it’s a different story. The building of the deck for Linda Beans’ “Perfect Maine” restaurant was the final act for the Camden Falls Gallery’s first location.  As we come close to the anniversary of the beginning of the deck construction, Memorial Day 2009, we are thrilled to have had the good fortune and ability to move from the former location at 8 Public Landing to the new and expanded location at 5 Public Landing. Unlike the song we hope to have the gallery open by mid June and we want you all to stop by (and I really haven’t had that much to drink)!

We have taken over and renovated the old Owl and Turtle building at 8 Bay View Street and now have nearly 5,000 sq feet of retail space on 3 floors with a series of 3 decks over looking the bay to the east, Camden Harbor and the waterfall, the library, park and the mountains to the west.  We could not be more excited with our present location and situation. Through the move and the renovations of the gallery and Maine Gathering we have been overwhelmed at times, but it now looks like we will have the Maine Gathering opened by Memorial Day and Camden Falls Gallery will follow soon after that.  This looks to be a very promising season with a number of new artist joining the gallery and wonderful new work available by our existing members.

We would love for you to stop by to see the new gallery and visit us on Facebook.

Howard and Margaret Gallagher