Past Show

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to present our midsummer show, Coastal Color, a public exhibition of work depicting the local color of coastal Maine as seen through the eyes of our gallery artists. Featuring work by Daniel Corey, Susan Graeber, Brita Holmquist, Nina Jerome, Aline Ordman, Janis Sanders, Judith Schuppien, and Jennifer Van Cor, this exhibition harmoniously showcases a variety of brilliant new work in bold hues just as a “crazy quilt” incorporates many colors and patterns in glorious juxtaposition. Presenting dozens of iconic images from along the coast of Maine, the artists in this show hail from as close as nearby Rockland and as far away as Maryland. They represent a diverse range of backgrounds and unique painting styles that bring a fresh sense of energy and vibrancy to the gallery.

Two of the gallery’s newest artists are landscape painters Susan Graeber of Baltimore, Maryland, and Camden, Maine, and Jennifer Van Cor of neighboring New Hampshire. Graeber’s small gouache paintings pack a powerful punch with their lively palette, engaging compositions, and careful attention to detail. In contrast, Van Cor’s mosaic-like acrylic works make use of angular, almost geometric brushwork to create multi-faceted bursts of color across her canvases.

Graeber, who has studied art in Boston, Europe, and Maryland, enjoys painting en plein air and describes herself as “a painter who reacts to shapes and patterns, light and shadows, and most of all, color.” About painting in Maine, she writes, “I have been drawn to Maine for over 30 years, and feel most at peace and stimulated by the landscape. [T]he light in Maryland… is diffuse, hazy; and the light in Maine is brilliant and crisp. For me, painting the landscape of Maine, as well as looking at other artists who paint Maine scenes, is (what) I treasure the most.”

Van Cor recently spent a week at a women’s painting retreat on Isle au Haut, creating work based on Maine’s bright island light and coastal forms. About her work she writes, “The landscape has always tantalized my senses. The smell and feel of wet grass, the sound of leaves in the wind, the shape of a shadow through a broken limb… and with it all the ever changing color; a universe of color. Each stroke and dip of the brush pushes my senses onto the surface and if I am listening closely and truly, the life of a landscape fills the painting. As my landscapes progress, they become more about the flow of energy, the experience of a lifetime of color, shape and feeling.”

Much like Graeber and Van Cor, the other artists featured in this exhibition make bold use of color to express their unique visions of life along the coast of Maine. Daniel Corey, who resides in nearby Rockland, is a self-taught painter whose lively brushwork and adventurous color choices create a sense of excitement and energy in even the quietest of his images. Whether landscape or harbor, farm or field, his work invites viewers to see the world through a different lens. Brita Holmquist, who lives in Cumberland, often paints en plein air from her boat while around and about on Penobscot Bay. With a palette of cool blues and greens and a fresh, spontaneous style, she creates lively compositions that suggest the motion of wind and waves and capture the harmonious rhythms of land, sea, and sky. Nina Jerome of Bangor, who teaches painting at the University of Maine at Orono and spends her summers in Addison, Maine, offers landscapes, seascapes, and florals rendered in rich, vibrant colors that radiate with the warmth of a Maine summer day.

Living outside of Maine, award-winning impressionist Aline Ordman of White River Junction, Vermont, creates charming vignettes from her vacation days spent on Swan’s Island on the Maine coast. Her bright, cheerful palette and fresh, loose style reflect her decades of experience as a master pastel artist. Another artist “from away” is Janis Sanders, whose work currently graces the cover of the 2014 L.L. Bean summer catalog. Although Sanders lives in Massachusetts, he often paints along Maine’s rocky shores. Working primarily with a palette knife, he renders the clear blue skies, bright summer sunlight, and deep shadows of Maine with engaging textures and a distinctive palette that combines vibrant blues and radiant yellows with cool violets and rich blacks. In contrast, Judith Schuppien of Pittston, Maine, brings her work closer to home, creating images rooted in the ruggedness of Maine’s coastal towns and working waterfronts. Balancing the brilliance of warm, golden hues with complementary deep blues and greens, she offers insightful glimpses into day to day life on the coast of Maine.

Please come experience Coastal Color at Camden Falls Gallery located at 5 Public Landing in downtown Camden. The gallery is open daily from 10am-8pm, and the show runs from July 19 through August 7. For more information, please visit or call the gallery at 207-470-7027.