Past Show

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to present “Coastal Color,” which features an exciting collection of works by contemporary landscape painters Janis Sanders and Jennifer Van Cor along with other gallery artists. With unique painting styles and personal visions, these artists present iconic Maine images in rich, bold hues that bring a fresh sense of energy and vibrancy to the gallery. Coastal Color will run from August 20-September 9, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, August 20 from 4-6pm.

Once a landscape architect, Massachusetts artist Janis Sanders is known for his simple compositions and a distinctive palette that captures the brilliance of Maine’s coastal light. Like many landscape painters, Sanders enjoys painting out-of-doors and often renders his work en plein air. He begins each painting by blocking in the sky, noting that the “sky is the key to determining the entire atmosphere of the painting, and visually and practically provides the backdrop for the other objects in view. Some days slightly purple, sometimes hazy cream, clear aqua, rosy peach, celadon…. we are immersed in it.”

Using his sensory impressions as a creative vantage point, Sanders offers viewers a compelling look at some of Maine’s quaint architectural delights. With an expressive, modernistic style, he incorporates large abstract elements such as sky and water that show off the physicality of steep gabled rooflines, sunstruck walls, illuminated windows, and shady porches. From charming old barns to cozy cottages and rugged lighthouses, Sanders provides a fresh way of seeing the character of each structure within its specific place and time.

“Salt air, late day sunlight on a shoreline cottage, an old house at the water’s edge… these elements draw me outdoors,” says Sanders. “The smoothness of application of paint on board allows me to translate as spontaneously and directly as possible, the essence of the place.”

By applying the paint directly to his canvases using a palette knife, Sanders creates richly textured surfaces that communicate the joy and intensity of his painting experience. With bold, broad gestures and an impasto painting technique, he expresses his personal vision of form, light and shadow in ways that are unmistakably his own.

Much like Sanders, New Hampshire artist Jennifer Van Cor is constantly captivated by the unique beauty and ever-changing colors of the coastal Maine landscape. With a distinctive palette and painting technique, she creates active, vibrant compositions in which she strives to “express the energy and spirit of a place.” When painting, she says, “each stroke and dip of the brush pushes my senses onto the surface… and if I am listening closely and truly, the life of a landscape fills the painting. As my landscapes progress, they become more about the flow of energy, the experience of a lifetime of color, shape and feeling.”

Applying layer upon layer of color in small, bold swatches, Van Cor creates mosaic-like works composed of angular, almost geometric brushstrokes that capture the bright island light and diverse landforms of coastal Maine. According to Van Cor, “small pieces of color unite to create not only a space or shape, but a feeling. Showing the brushstrokes keeps the viewer’s eye on the surface of the painting, while depicting a recognizable image.” With her own particular style and painting technique, Van Cor renders land, sea, and sky in multi-faceted bursts of color that seem to dance across her canvases.

In addition to Sanders and Van Cor, Coastal Color also includes the works of gallery artists Hannah Ineson, Aline Ordman, Judith Schuppien, and Ann Trainor Domingue. Please visit Camden Falls Gallery to see how these talented artists use color in bold and captivating ways to express their unique visions of life along the coast of Maine. Located at 5 Public Landing in downtown Camden, the gallery is open daily from 10am-8pm. For more information, please contact us at or give us a call at 207-470-7027.