Past Show

Now that the snow has receded and the days are getting warmer, Camden Falls Gallery is welcoming Spring with a selection of work that celebrates the emerging colors of the season. For the next several weeks, our Bayview Street entrance will be graced with a diverse group of paintings by Ann Trainor Domingue, Monique Lazard, Stefan Pastuhov, Janis Sanders, Judith Schuppien, Nadine Schoepfle, and Jennifer Van Cor, all featuring the colors of spring.

With a palette that ranges from pale yellow, pink, and peach to deep forest green, indigo, and violet, Jennifer Van Cor’s “Back Cove, Isle Au Haut” uses patches of color to bring the landscape to life with the light of the changing season. Like Van Cor’s “Back Cove,” Judith Schuppien’s “Boats for Sale” also uses a broad range of hues to depict fresh green grass, leafy trees, colorful boats, and a clear blue sky that conjures thoughts of spring. In “Seaside Veranda,” the cheerful warmth of Nadine Schoepfle’s red and orange flowers bursts forth invitingly against a cooler backdrop of light blues and greens, with playful touches of yellow, purple, and plum in the scene’s foreground.

In Ann Trainor Domingue’s painting, “Lakeside Dusk,” textured layers of soft pink, pale blue, aqua, lavender, and teal suggest the peaceful quietness of a cool vernal evening. In the more abstract “Mudflats Light” and “Reflections on Summer,” Domingue layers rich blues and purples with tangerine, lemon, and lime in a way that conveys the energy of a warm spring day. Likewise, Janis Sanders brings the sunshine of springtime to “Hilltop Light,” which features a red-roofed lighthouse perched high on a landscape of vibrant yellow, backed by wispy white clouds in a bright periwinkle sky.

In contrast, Monique Lazard’s “Ensign Island” features billowing rosy pink clouds aloft in a light blue sky, with hints of shadowy gray in the watery foreground and subtle dark green and deep purple in the distant landscape. With an even more subtle palette of cool greens and soft blues complemented by muted shades of earthy grey and brown, Stefan Pastuhov’s painting “The Reach” captures the serenity of a quiet stroll along the shore on a mild spring afternoon.

If you are tired of the cold, grey days of winter, we invite you to stop by the gallery and bask in the “Colors of Spring.” Our hours are 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday, and 11am-5pm on Sunday.