Past Show

The Camden Falls Gallery kicks off its 2015 summer season with a stunning show of new work by gallery artist Ann Trainor Domingue. Leaving behind an illustrious 30-year career in the advertising world, Trainor Domingue departed for the freedom of a life not dictated by clients, budgets, and efficiency. Her years of experience with graphic design, color, and composition made this creative transition natural and augured well for her new personally expressive painting.
“The foundation is laid but the details are to be determined once the painting process begins. I create art that is grounded in reality while obviously playing with it – reshaping forms and reinterpreting color. Lines sometimes do the heavy lifting, and at other times it’s color and texture that bring the piece to life,” states Trainor Domingue.
The working process of the artist is evident in many of her multi-layered paintings, deepening rather than lessening their mystery. The scrubbing out, scraping, under painting and heavy texturing enlivens and enriches the iconic shapes and patterns. Seemingly mundane subjects such as sailboats, fish houses, and landscapes become imbued with an otherworldly quality, as if dream archetypes had stood still to be painted. The viewer becomes an active participant in this shared experience of transcending the mundane. The open-ended and spacious compositions prompt viewers to begin an interior journey of their own, free to associate with the subtle color play and gentle forms.
As a Copley Fellow at the Copley Society of Art in Boston, Trainor Domingue was chosen as the 2014 recipient of the artist residency at the Fine Art Work Center in Provincetown, MA. Cape Cod is familiar territory for the painter, having spent many youthful summer vacations there, before returning to her Barrington, Rhode Island home. She currently resides in New Hampshire, and has had her work juried into exhibitions at the Currier Museum of Art, where she also teaches classes and workshops.
In the bucolic painting, “Lakeside Dusk,” we are invited into a sweet reverie. A graceful birch-like tree stands sentinel in the foreground. A still pastel lake reflects the curving silhouette of a distant range of hills. The whole work is suffused with the softness of a warm summer’s twilight, glowing with lavender, rose, and pale blue, vibrantly textured yet serene.
Now in our 15th year of bringing original fine art by emerging and established artists to Mid-Coast Maine, and working hard at “Putting Art Within the Reach of Everyone,” Camden Falls Gallery is open 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday, and 12-5pm on Sundays. This feature exhibition will run from June 5-19, 2015. For more information, please call 207-470-7027.