Past Show

“Four Seasons With Stefan Pastuhov”

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to feature “Four Seasons With Stefan Pastuhov” for the month of November. As a followup to last winter’s “Snowed in With Stefan,” these paintings capture Maine across all the seasons.

Local plein air painter Stefan Pastuhov is an avid outdoors-man who loves the beauty of the changing light throughout Maine’s four glorious seasons. The dramatic and almost spiritual vistas that surround him offer an unlimited subject matter on which to draw. “You don’t have to go far to find beautiful scenes in Maine any time of the year,” says Pastuhov, acknowledging that he sometimes spends considerable time driving around looking for “just the right places” to paint.

“Since moving to Maine almost 30 years ago I have been surrounded by beauty,” says Pastuhov. “Whether in the mountains, amidst rural farms, or on the coast, landscapes abound. Throughout the seasons each site I paint offers an individuality and uniqueness special to the state of Maine. I paint outside on location, and that makes each day new. Be it overcast or sunny, snowy or green, ablaze with fall colors or barren of leaves, every location I paint is constantly changing.”

In this collection, the scenes include the foliage of autumn, snow-covered woods, the awakening of spring, and of course, the bustling harbors of summer.  From back roads to harbors to the islands and the hills of Katahdin, Stefan takes you through Maine in all its glory, in all its seasons. We know you’ll recognize many of the picturesque locations found even within the artist’s own backyard.

“Four Seasons with Stefan Pastuhov” will be on view in the gallery throughout November. Camden Falls Gallery is open daily.  Gallery hours are 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday, and 11am-5pm Sunday. For more information, contact us at or call 207-470-7027.