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Greetings from Camden Falls gallery!

We are back from our winter away and we’re very excited to be starting this new season, which is just around the corner.

Like many others, we are working our way through the obstacles and restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we can’t say that we feel ready for the season, we are indeed back in the gallery and very excited about being here.

We will continue with our goal of “Putting Art Within the Reach of Everyone” as we move forward and provide a safe alternative access to viewing new works by our artists. 

First and foremost, we wish you all the best in getting through this safely! 
Though we will miss seeing some of you in the gallery this year, we also agree that safety should come first.   On the brighter side, we are excited by the challenges presented as we shift from our former brick-and-mortar threshold business, and adapt it to a digital format, where we can provide you with safe access to our artists and their new work. We hope to create content that approximates, as closely as we modestly can, the experience of viewing our available art first hand.

We will open our season with the ONLINEHomecoming 2020” show this coming Thursday, May 21st.

This will be a virtual presentation with interviews and videos by, and about, house artists Ann Trainor Domingue and Ryan Kohler. We are also excited to introduce and include a new artist to our gallery, Tom Glover

The link for this show will be embedded onto our website, and we will cross post this information onto Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Stay tuned.

Virtual Presentation [click on links to watch]:
HOMECOMING 2020 Introduction
HOMECOMING 2020: Ann Trainor Domingue
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt.1: Ann Trainor Domingue
HOMECOMING 2020: Ryan Kohler
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt. 1: Ryan Kohler

HOMECOMING 2020: Tom Glover
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt. 1: Tom Glover
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt. 2: Ann Trainor Domingue
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt. 2: Ryan Kohler
HOMECOMING 2020 Slide Show Pt. 2: Tom Glover

In these challenging months, it seems appropriate that we are featuring the works of Ann, Ryan, and Tom. Through their works, we feel the importance of time, place, and their stories which keep us grounded in this uprooted season of our lives. Their ability to break down, investigate, create, and rearrange the reality of what they see with their eyes and transpose it onto canvas is an impressive feat. The results of their works are fresh, audacious, bold, and striking. 

Ann Trainor Domingue is a New Englander. Originally from Massachusetts, she eventually found herself settling in New Hampshire. For Ann, the theme of our opening show, Homecoming, brings about her own reflections of what “home” means. For Ann, “home” is about, “taking the time to go back to where the places and people remind you of times gone by– happy and sad, crazy and quiet, joyful or sentimental.” These reflections are transformed into fanciful mythological images that retell stories visually familiar to all of us. The fisherman and his counterpart as subjects visually mirror the vocabulary deeply rooted in New England imagery of the sea.

Ann’s work has the ability to transport the viewer into the stories she has presented. Viewing her work is a fascinating experience of unfolding stories, which she has consciously or unconsciously packed into a single image. The layers, and textures are jewels for the eyes, as we consider, ponder, and work out the story being told. For Ann, “Homecoming 2020 is a continuation of my relationship series where I explore concepts of togetherness, kindness, friendship, and love in a coastal setting…”.

Armed with a dedication to painting and an eclectic vision, Ryan Kohler is a popular emerging artist from Skowhegan, Maine. Per Kohler, “I am interested in the formal aspects of representational painting i.e. composition/color/value/texture etc., but focus mostly on finding abstract yet implicit shapes, and trying to find ways to simplify my subjects.” It is this eclecticism and simplification of his subject matter that makes his work so visually fresh, vibrant, and dynamic.

Through it’s graphic quality and subtle references, Ryan’s work appears to be a modern twist on pop art. When viewing his paintings the under drawing is not exposed, and it is completely concealed by the thick impasto of his paint. There is an immediate understanding that form and contour drives his work. The heavy impasto of the paint imbues his work with depth and warmly welcomes viewers to partake and experience the broad color-field-like spaces.

To round out our Homecoming 2020 triad of featured artists, we welcome and introduce Tom Glover into our mix of artists at Camden Falls Gallery.

Based in New Hampshire, Tom Glover is an artist who is teeming with ideas and stories. According to Glover, it is the dichotomy between abstraction and realism that works to “keep one’s eye fresh and one’s mind flexing, adjusting, adapting, and frankly, delighted.” For him, “Abstracting experiences is the process of distilling the experience into its very fundamental and rudimentary aspects…I start with a subject, render it rather realistically, and then begin to pare it down to its basic characteristics and forms, gestating an idea into existence”.

Tom’s goal to ignite an immediate sense of place or memory in viewers recall the science fiction qualities of Kurt Vonnegut’s writing. Similar to the experience of Ann and Ryan’s work, there is a surreal feeling when looking at Tom’s pieces. One also quickly gets a sense of his formal training through the trompe l’oeil illusionist quality, trait, and compositional arrangement of his work. 

The works by Ann, Ryan, and Tom all reveal the importance of relationships between the viewer and the interaction between viewer and subject. There is an importance of time, place, and stories that all culminate back to our experience of viewing, and we even find that it reminds us of home regardless of where we are.

Join us for our virtual opening this coming Thursday, May 21st. The opening will be accessible online 24/7. In lieu of the New Camden Third Thursday Art Walk, this opening will take place at 5pm this coming Thursday, May 21st. Most unfortunately, this year’s plan of having a monthly Third Thursday Art Walk was dashed by this pandemic. So in place of this, we will do this monthly opening online in solidarity with local galleries.

Due to COVID-19, Artwork is only available online or seen by appointment following State Social-Distancing Guidelines.
The show will run through June 11th, 2020.

For more information, call (207) 470-7027 or email .