Past Show

The American Impressionist Society’s (AIS) 15th Annual National Juried Exhibition is now underway at the Abend Gallery in Denver, Colo., bringing together talented artists from throughout the country. There were more than 1,600 entries to the 2014 exhibition, and a panel of six judges chose only 135 to be part of their prestigious fall show. This year, Camden Falls Gallery is proud to represent three of those artists: Aline Ordman, Peter Yesis, and Jonathan McPhillips.

Aline Ordman has been with our gallery for more than a decade, and her piece “Liliana’s Living Room” is an excellent representation of her colorful style and her ability to illuminate a particular moment in the human experience. She developed an early love affair with pastels, influenced by Degas, Marie Cassatt, and Berthe Moriscot, as well as American Impressionists John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase, before finding her passion for oils.

Where Aline is one of our longtime partners, both Peter Yesis and Jonathan McPhillips are relative newcomers to our gallery. Peter’s paintings are rooted in realism but rendered in a softened style that leaves space for thought and reflection. His contribution to the National Juried Exhibition, “Whitewater,” allows the viewer to individually interpret the mood and feel of the scene and to actively participate in the natural energy of the waves. A New Jersey native living in Searsport, Maine, Peter joined our gallery in late spring.

Rhode Islander Jonathan McPhillips, who joined us this summer, spends his time chasing available light and air, allowing the natural ebb and flow of the world around him to influence what he paints. He always strives to capture the distinct, engaging atmosphere of a time and a place, a concept that is captured perfectly in his AIS piece, “Time and Motion.”

Their work, along with the pieces by their fellow impressionists, will be on display at the Abend Gallery until Nov. 1. But for those of you who cannot get to Denver to catch the AIS exhibition, Camden Falls Gallery is hosting a show a little closer to home. In recognition of their accomplishments this year, we will be showcasing the work of these three artists through the winter. Each painter captures the gorgeous coast of Maine and its beautiful landscapes in unique and amazing ways. Now is your chance to see why they were chosen for the 2014 AIS show.

For more information, contact Camden Falls Gallery at or 207-470-7027.