Past Show

Camden Falls Gallery is excited to begin the 2014 summer season by welcoming six new artists to the gallery with a show entitled “Introductions.” Among the works featured are picturesque local landscapes and scenes of the ever-changing Coastal Maine environment, painted by Maine artists Alison Hill, Stefan Pastuhov, Renee Lammers, and Peter Yesis, along with harbor scenes by Baltimore-area painter Kirk McBride and boldly interpretive island images by Lindsay Hopkins-Weld of Massachusetts.

Both Hill and Pastuhov, who often work en plein air, are well-known locally for their ability to capture the essence and mood of a particular place and time on their canvases. They share a passion for painting and a love of the outdoors that shine through in their work.

A year-round resident of Maine’s iconic Monhegan Island, Alison Hill has studied at the prestigious Art Students League in New York City and holds MA degrees in Art Therapy and Art Education. “Painting has become my way of moving through this world, responding to and expressing what I see and feel,” she says. “It is my interpretation, using color, stroke, and line, to evoke the mood I am receiving. Monhegan offers endless inspiration, no matter what the season, and I feel very fortunate to call this home.”

Stefan Pastuhov, who has lived in Maine for nearly 30 years, cites French Impressionists Corot and Sisely and the Rockport School’s A. T Hibbard, Emile Gruppe, and Paul Strisik among his artistic influences. He paints outside on location in all seasons and is inspired by the endless beauty that Maine has to offer. “Whether in the mountains, amidst rural farms, or on the coast, landscapes abound,” he says. “Throughout the seasons, each site I paint offers an individuality and uniqueness special to the state of Maine. ”

Much like Hill and Pastuhov, Peter Yesis of Searsport sees painting as an opportunity to participate in the beauty and natural energy of the Maine woods, waterways and terrain.   Reflecting his artistic training as an illustrator, his local landscapes and coastal views are rooted in realism but rendered in a softened style that leaves space for thought and reflection. In contrast, the canvases of Lindsay Hopkins-Weld are playfully interpretive, rendering water, sky, and land with dynamic, swirling shades of blue, white and green in a style that has been compared to that of Maine favorites Brita Holmquist and Eric Hopkins.

The only artist in the group who resides south of New England is Kirk McBride, who is a nationally known painter from the Baltimore area. His colorful, dynamic work offers views of local ships in harbor and at sail. Finally, Renee Lammers follows a centuries-old and quite distinct tradition of painting with oils on copper, rather than on canvas as do the other artists in “Introductions.” Similar in subject matter to McBride’s, her small yet lively compositions feature images of local schooners and harbor scenes, which were painted on-site in Camden. Both of these artists offer welcome additions to our gallery’s nautical selections.

“Introductions” will be on view at Camden Falls Gallery from June 10 through July 16. The gallery is open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm, and 12-5pm on Sundays. For more information, please visit or call the gallery at 207-470-7027.