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Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to present our second ONLINE EXHIBIT of 2020.
Online Exhibit: One Friendship, Two Stories
Date: June 18th – July 10th, 2020
ONLINE EXHIBIT: June 18th, 2020 at 5PM 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Third Thursday Camden Art Walk for Camden Falls Gallery will take place virtually.

Please join Camden Falls Gallery for their second show of the season. The show will be ONLINE and it is entitled “One Friendship, Two Stories” featuring the works of Roberta Goschke and Olena Babak. The show will take place Thursday, June 18th premiering at 5PM and will run through July 10th

Virtual Presentation [click on links to watch]:
“One Friendship, Two Stories”: FULL PLAYLIST
One Friendship, Two Stories PART 1
One Friendship, Two Stories PART 2
One Friendship, Two Stories Roberta Goschke Slides Part 1
One Friendship, Two Stories Roberta Goschke Slides Part 2
One Friendship, Two Stories Olena Babak Slides Part 1
One Friendship, Two Stories Olena Babak Slides Part 2
One Friendship, Two Stories Reading of Artist Statements 2020
One Friendship, Two Stories Opening Overview

We will continue with our goal of “Putting Art Within the Reach of Everyone”, and do our best to provide as much visual information, showcasing the work of our artists, through videos and various digital media.  Please help us spread the word where and when you can. We and the Artists of Camden Falls Gallery would appreciate it.

With our world turned up-side-down, the role of the gallerist and gallery owner has now become somewhat of a solitary activity, as is making art for the artists. If you would like more detailed images of the artwork from our gallery, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We would be glad to provide you with additional  information.

We will miss seeing so many of you in the gallery this year, but we’ll do our best to bring the gallery to you. Camden Falls Gallery is currently  closed due to Covid-19, but will open by appointment for private showings following state guidelines.

Making art is a mostly a solitary activity, in the studio or outside, but not always. Roberta and Olena met and discovered their common path to plein air painting through figure and portrait drawing classes.

Remembrance of moments spent together experiencing the atmosphere, and the vivid memories of painting together, discovering gardens, the summer sunshine, the bond of shivering in a boatyard for hours, and the thrill of holding down easels on windy Maine lawns are imprinted in their works. Regardless of the conditions, there is encouragement to follow the spark and influence and paint on.

There are different paths that take them to moments in time that become part of the design of their being.  As with their friendship, true art happens when things touch them deeply in certain ways.  The spark ignites their imaginations and inspires them in important ways when they let the beauty in, and allow it to become a painting or a friendship.

Maine is a special place where artists can embrace every aspect of nature and create in union while exploring ideas without the need of pursuing a singular subject matter. Roberta and Olena are fortunate to be able to express themselves in different ways through painting. Since their paths have crossed in so many ways the love of chasing beauty with a brush in hand has always brought them together.

Describing the style of an artist brings to mind the thought of music. There is a definite uniqueness of an individual style that they strive to possess. With Roberta and Olena’s paths crossing in so many ways, they are the two melodies in harmony, as they are being showcased in this duet show, “One Friendship, Two Stories”.

There will be a virtual presentation with interviews and videos presented by Camden Falls Gallery showcasing artists Roberta Goschke and Olena Babak. On their website for the duration of the show “One Friendship / Two Stories” June 18- July 10.