Past Show


Rocky Pond, Judith Schuppien, $800

After a winter, which has dealt us one storm after another, with accumulating snow depths, we look forward to the return of the sun. Its warmth and lengthening days—the melt that  is a prelude to the mud. Looking forward to the coming of spring, we rejoice in every extra minute of sunlight, every melting icicle. With the surplus of white and gray this winter has bathed us in, we at Camden Falls Gallery, look forward to the coming warmth of spring, not just in temperatures, but in the warmer color pallet of the world around us. With these thoughts to hold on to we make it through the last few months of yet another Maine winter. To assist us on our journey from one season to another we have filled our gallery with artwork that embraces the colors that will soon be blooming at our doorsteps with a promise that winter in Maine won’t last forever.