Past Show

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to welcome New Hampshire painter Ann Trainor Domingue to the gallery with our opening show of the year, entitled Season’s Transition. “We are very pleased to be Ann’s primary gallery in Maine,” said Howard Gallagher, gallery owner. “She has such an incredible variety of styles, influences, and subjects, and I think there’s really something for everyone in this collection.”

The pieces now hanging in the gallery focus on the shift from cold, stark winters into the light and warm shades of spring, with a peek at coming summer. Spring is a time of new life and blossoming of color and light, and Ann’s show in Camden represents that transition. “One hint of sunshine can completely change people around here, especially this time of year,” said Gallagher. “Ann’s work really captures that feeling, that need for color in these cool, gray springs of Midcoast Maine.”

Many of these new works contain glimpses of warm-toned underpaintings that complement and add visual depth to the layered cool pigments on the surface. One standout composition, “Classic Morn,” features strong flat shapes and dramatic color contrasts that saturate and intrigue the eye. Ann’s body of work is that lovely rare combination of the purely decorative and personally symbolic.

After a career in advertising, Ann realized that her penchant for disorder did not mesh well with the “corporate art” world. So she left her office for the outdoors to pursue more creative passions.

“I think a little messy is healthy,” she said of her artistic style. “I find unmanicured far more interesting, and I enjoy the uncommon.”

But the skills she honed in her previous life have served her well in her new one. The basic element of graphic design is evident in each of her pieces, which range from crisp forest scenes to abstract working harbor landscapes.

One of the reasons Gallagher chose Ann’s work for the gallery this year is the story behind each painting. “There is a hint of representationalism in each scene – a theme, an anchor that allows the viewer to understand and get drawn into the story behind it,” he said. “But these paintings are really about Ann’s personal journeys and how she wants to share them with others.”

Ann’s award-winning work has been featured in the Currier Museum of Art, the New Hampshire Museum of Art, and in New England Watercolor Society regional and national exhibitions. She is also a member of the prestigious Copley Society of Art in Boston.

Season’s Transition may now be seen at Camden Falls Gallery, 5 Public Landing in Camden, Maine. Stop by and take a look at Domingue’s eclectic work, and enjoy other fine art by nearly 40 artists from around the region. Contact the gallery at 207-470-7027 or for more information.