Past Show

“Sunstrokes” – Featuring the work of Ann Trainor Domingue

Camden Falls Gallery opens its 2016 season with a salute to the brilliance and warmth of the sun; its transformative power to reawaken the human senses, the heart, and the natural world around us.

Our Spring Show, Sunstrokes, will feature the works of Ann Trainor-Domingue and our house artists. Primarily floral, our first show will also encompass work revealing the lush colors of our local coastal landscape.

During the monochromatic, cold months of winter, many of our artists find themselves creating still lifes based on studio compositions created with the bold colors of cut flowers and bright patterned fabrics. Trainor-Domingue’s new floral work however, springs from her rich imaginative reinterpretation of potted plants and garden flowers.

Writing about these vibrant paintings, she explains their origins: “As an artist who finds so many aspects of the natural world worthy of painting, I decided to use flowers in all their glory to inspire this series I refer to as Sunstrokes. I have felt the fragility and delicacy of flowers and have witnessed how they stand tall through spring winds and summer heat. I think it is this toughness contrasted with the delicacy that I find so appealing.

Strong complex forms and intricate shapes found in a variety of flowers are the basis of my design approach. I change actual colors to deepen or soften while composing a painting that visualizes the exuberance I feel about flowers. I abstract shapes through many preliminary sketches and then play with all the elements, reorganizing them in new and unusual ways, bursting with color and energy.”

Please visit and be a part of our reemergence into this fertile and most creative of seasons. Sunstrokes will run through early June. Camden Falls Gallery is open 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday and 12-5pm on Sunday.