Past Show


Featuring:  Aline Ordman, Scott Addis, and Taddeus Retz
Exhibition Date:  September 20th – October 9th, 2020

Aline Ordman, Scott Addis, and Taddeus Retz are Plein Air painters. Their talent and dedication to capturing the moment have forged a strong thematic connection between these three artists. As styles go, these three artists are as different as day and night. It is their interest in visually taking in and taming their landscape which unites this show into a three-part harmony.

Plein air and studio artists showing at Camden Falls Gallery, repeatedly return to the Midcoast area. They have recorded on canvas what they found as their inspiration, muse, and challenges. Their paintings capture the essence of Mid Coast Maine and showcase their talents.

Aline Ordman is an award winning pastelist and oil painter. She is able to lyrically capture the majestic beauty of the woods and the euphonious transition of light in all their mystery. Aline’s colorful sensibilities are distinct and bold. Her strokes of paint, with its brilliant flow of pigment, can convey immediate impressions of the busiest of streets to the calmness of nature. It is through her well traveled practice, of painting En Plein Air, that we are able to see and experience through the artist eye the wonders of traveling and Aline’s sense of place. 

Scott Addis is an accomplished Canadian artist based in Quebec. His work are often about relationships between the observing man and the surrounding landscape. His work symbolizes themes of connection, solitude, and sometimes isolation. Boats and homes are often the centerpiece of his studies. The boats are generally highly contrasted against the islands, as they swing at their moorings.  Yet the boats as an entity contain a sense of self, and individuality apart from the landscape.

Taddeus Retz is a young blossoming artist, characterized by his edgy and textural sense of aesthetic. The presence of weather is apparent in his work from boat yards, coastal scenes, to farm scenes. “The coast of Maine is one of my favorite places to be and to paint. The rugged quality and sense of quiet and peace is overwhelming. Every time I come up to Maine I try to explore at least one new area…I’m always drawn to scenes or things with character. I love old barns, old boats and all the rocks. I think this is the reason deep down that I keep coming back to Maine – it is full of character!”

“THREE PART HARMONY “   will run September 20th – October 9th, 2020 at Camden Falls Gallery.