Past Show

As we let the hustle and bustle of summer settle behind us, Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to offer a rich harvest of new works by gallery artists Daniel Corey and Jill Valliere. These two gallery artists have brought us the fruit of their summer labor, and it truly is a feast for the eyes.

Dan Corey’s new work seems to have been highly enriched by liberal doses of Rapid Gro. With his bold, energetic brushwork and unexpected color harmonies, Corey serves up a fresh look at a bounty of subject matter rooted in everyday life in Maine. From the charms of an old yellow farmhouse on a sunny summer’s day in “Recession,” to the stillness of a lobster boat resting quietly beneath a “Harvest Moon,” to “A Glimpse” of the warm glow of sunlight just beyond the artist’s own kitchen window, Corey welcomes us into his world and invites us to savor the beauty of each particular time and place he has captured in these new paintings.

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While Jill Valliere’s new mixed media work differs vastly from Corey’s traditional oil paintings, it, too, is inspired by the beauty of Maine, and uniquely captures magical moments in time and place. Combining subtle layers of rich, warm color embedded with cool, hard metallic accents, Valliere’s highly textured landscapes seem to glisten and glow like the changing of seasons. Whether the warmth of the summer sun sparkling over the water, or the last rays of a cool autumn sunset filtering through the treetops, Valliere’s work captures the ethereal essence of light as it shifts across shimmering surfaces.

Camden Falls Gallery invites you to come see this cornucopia of fresh new work by these two talented young Maine artists. The gallery is open daily from 10am-6pm, and this exhibit will run through mid-October. Please call the gallery at 207-470-7027 or email for more information.