Past Show

With a style rooted in the aesthetic values of the Russian and French impressionists, Rockland artist Daniel Corey takes a traditional, direct painting style and applies it to subject matter that is often overlooked, yet quintessentially Maine. From lobster boats, traps, and buoys to old barns and houses, tractors, and trucks, Corey’s paintings reveal the everyday beauty that can be found in unexpected places on the coast of Maine.

Inspired by light quality, color harmony and abstract shapes, Corey creates much of his work en plain air. While he typically paints from direct observation, he also enjoys experimenting with color harmonies that are not always observed in nature. “A true colorist knows his specific colors are worthless; it’s the related ones that are priceless,” he says. “If your piece is about (something), then let everything in it live or die to support that… To heck with what’s actually there, make your painting.”

About his work, Corey recently wrote, “My paintings have changed over the years and one of the best things about that is not having a set way of attack.  By that I mean if you try to achieve a goal through different means you will probably end up with different results. If you are trying to learn and grow then taking a different path is the only way to get there… There is nothing wrong with the hard road, it’s still a good option.”

A recent finalist in RayMar’s national online art competition and the 2009 winner of the prestigious Monhegan Artist’s Residency, Corey is a self-taught painter whose passion for painting and Maine coastal life is evident in every inch of his canvases. His lively brushwork and bold color choices create a sense of excitement and energy in even the quietest of his images. Whether landscape or harbor, farm or field, Corey’s paintings invite viewers to see the world through a different lens. Please come enjoy Daniel Corey’s “Coastal Colors” at Camden Falls Gallery, on exhibit from now through the end of September. We are open daily from 10:00am-6:00pm.