Past Show

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to announce our 3rd exhibition of 2020.

Exhibition: Light In The Atmosphere – Featuring Jennifer Van Cor, Charles Fenner Ball, Peter Yesis, and Janis Sanders.

Camden Falls Gallery is pleased to present “Light In The Atmosphere” featuring the works of Jennifer Van Cor, Charles Fenner Ball, Peter Yesis, and Janis Sanders. The show features works by some of our galleries’ top Colorists.

This exhibit showcase vibrant and colorful paintings that emphasize the visual quality of light. The artists featured are known for their use of colors, shapes, textures, and an array of practices and techniques to create wonderful playful art. They push the boundaries of color patterns, and make joyful combinations of wild, bold, and unique landscapes that catches the eye of those who behold it.

With the vibrant use of juxtaposing colors in contemporary styles, these four artists are rooted and inspired by their natural environment. They take to their own course and their colorful journeys, moved by the surrounding landscapes to record their inspiration on canvas. They create lively, and sometimes abstract interpretations of a worldview beyond what is seen. 

Visit us ONLINE or stop by our gallery for a boost to experience the light. We hope these beautiful new works will raise your spirits through the course of this season.

We will continue our goal of “Putting Art Within the Reach of Everyone”, and provide visual information showcasing the work of our artists, through videos and various digital media. Please help us spread the word where and when you can. We and the Artists of Camden Falls Gallery would appreciate it.

We have missed seeing so many of you in the gallery this year due to COVID-19. Camden Falls Gallery is OPEN, and we are more than pleased to open following the state guidelines. If you would like more detailed images of the artwork from our gallery, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We would be glad to provide you with additional information.

Camden Falls Gallery is open daily from 10am-5pm Monday – Saturday, 12am-5pm Sunday. For more information call
207-470-7027, or our website at,  and find us on Facebook and Instagram.